Jim Bell

Washington, D.C., USA.

John Smith and Aurea Hernandez Canto are a pleasure to work with in Merida, Mexico. Selecting a real estate professional for an international property is a major and scary decision. Well, John is the person to handle such decisions. John is the most professional, honest, and integrity person that I have ever met. John not only helped find and process the paperwork for my beach home in Telchac Puerto, Mexico, but he oversaw and involved in the property management of renovations of my beach home. John will keep you up to date with all details. John is your choice for the real estate business and I highly recommend him for project management in construction if you need it.

Aurea is my Property Manager for my beach home in Telchac Puerto, Mexico. Aurea’s diligent hard work, advertising/marketing skills, and care of my property grosses high revenue for rental sales in the Yucatan Peninsula. By far, Aurea is the best property manager in Merida, Mexico!

LuAnn Cumbest

Telchac Puerto

My husband and I were so fortunate to have met John Smith.
John was wonderful to work with in our search for our new home in the Yucatan.
We appreciated his knowledge of the area and his low key approach that allowed us to by our home without any pressure to do so.

John was a tremendous help to us from start to finish. It was indeed a pleasure to work with someone that kept in constant touch with us and was always willing to answer our many questions.

We have since seen John’s design skills as well. With his construction background, an eye for detail and his ability to visualize the finished product I would not hesitate to hire him for future projects.

I would encourage anyone looking for a knowledgeable honest agent with integrity to look no further than John Smith.

Ted Walters


Thank you! We would be more than happy to refer you. Both of you are probably the most honest and reliable people in this area and after two different homes we have owned and a third that we built and owned you are certainly the people to deal with. Wish you all the best and look forward to doing business with you.


Gail Arrenholz

Tucson Arizona

John Smith picked me up at the boutique hotel, Mayan Gypsy, and showed me numerous houses on a busy holiday.  He is knowledgeable about local real estate and has experience as a builder in his country of origin.  He has immersed himself in the cultural and social scene of the Yucatan in many ways.  So, his opinions and thoughts on purchasing a home in the area are  very informed..  Ask to see photos of his charming house, “Casa Piedra.”  It got away before I could sell my home in the USA or I would have purchased it.  John added lots of personal touches that made it unique.  I trust he will find or build another to my liking!

I will be in touch John!

Thank you!

George P. Close

Senior Engineering Specialist 3 – Retired

Mr. John Smith personifies integrity, honesty, reliability and dedication to his clients.  In other words, John is a trustworthy gentleman who you can trust and depend on.

John has 4 years’ experience in the real estate industry and over 40 years’ experience in the home contracting industry, and as you interact with John his expertise will soon become both evident and invaluable to you.  The information and guidance John provided were vital relative to my home purchase in Telchac Puerto Yucatan, Mexico.  In addition, I purchased a home that required extensive rehabilitation and that’s where John’s contractor experience was instrumental in effecting a successful rehabilitation of the home.  John offered constructive advice, ideas, suggestions and recommendations that I had not even considered which resulted in a uniquely finished house with every detail considered an attended to by John’s positive influence and personal experience.

I’m an individual that has confidence that a real-life example best demonstrates more than words can ever hope to express. Therefore, I’d like to offer a real-life example of John’s character.  I needed to change the electric utilities from the previous home owner’s name to my name.  A simple task to perform on your own if you’re in the United States.  However, a dauting task if you’re in a foreign country and do not know or understand the process.  John stepped forward and offered to drive me to the CFE utilities office to accomplish the change.  In doing so John coordinated with his personal contacts at the office to walk me through the change process and effect the change.  This is an example of John’s dedication to customer care and ensuring client satisfaction.


Ron and Rae Jasper

San Crisanto, México

Regarding John Smith Yucatan Coast Realty and construction. We can not say enough good things about John and the services he has provided for us.

Two years ago we took the plunge and purchased a home in Mexico lucky for us we found John to help us find our home. John sat with us asked what we were looking for and what we did not want he really listened to our needs and met them. His ability to look at a home and it’s potential were remarkable! John was with us every step of the way about buying a home in Mexico he calmed our fears about buying and construction.

Our closing date was delayed due to a problem on the seller’s end John was kind enough to offer us one of his apartments to stay in till closing. At closing, he stood firm on our behalf we felt very secure with John in our corner.

We currently are using his construction skills which are remarkable and his crew of workers is beyond our expectations.

We would highly recommend John and all his services offered to help you transform your dream into reality.