Local Information


Mérida, capital of the state of Yucatán, emerged as a result of the merger of three main cultures: Mayan, Spanish and Lebanese, which together gave it a unique and palpable personality in its architecture and gastronomy.

Its lively music and cultural extravaganza have made us the American capital of culture.

In this magical city, tradition and modernity go hand in hand.  Impressive archaeological sites, colonial buildings and modern buildings coexist in harmony.
Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it is also one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Mérida holds the title of having the highest quality of life.

Merida is the White city full of adventure and beauty, lush nature, beautiful traditional architecture, cenotes, archaeological sites and beautiful beaches.

The friendliness of the people, the quiet atmosphere, the tours you can do during the night, the music of the serenades, the beauty of the streets, the peace and tranquility make it the ideal place to live.

Come on down to the Yucatán you will be impressed!